Our first blogpost

Welcome to the Deep End blog!

We are Claire Harmer, Katharine Mears, Felicity Pearce, Paula Pitkethly and Sandra Young, a group of English mother-tongue translators, and friends, who met while studying for our Masters in Translation at the University of Westminster, London. Our specialisms range from finance, medicine and law to education, marketing and international development.

Since graduating in 2011, we have each followed different paths, but all have ultimately led us to jumping in at the deep end and committing to freelancing full-time, with all the fear and freedom this brings.

Through The Deep End blog, we plan to share our experiences and advice. We hope that our unique individual journeys and specialisms will give the blog a wide-ranging appeal, both to those considering taking the leap into freelance translation as well as to the more established translator.

To give you a taster of some of the subjects we plan to cover in the coming months, these include co-working, moving into translation from the teaching profession, an overview of ITI’s recent copywriting workshop ‘Writing with Clarity and Impact’ and combining motherhood and translation.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in!


2 thoughts on “Our first blogpost

  1. diggingthedocumentary says:


    this sounds like a great idea. I am looking forward to your future blogs and wish you luck in this venture.
    All the best.
    Isabelle Henderson ( English to French translator and graduate off Marta’s business school)

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