Combining motherhood with freelance work

By Felicity Pearce

Freelancing. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. When we have real jobs we idealise it and fantasise about it, but never have I been more grateful for steering my career in this direction than when I became a mother (which happened, incidentally, many years before I thought it would).

There are still many issues facing working parents, particularly mothers, so I wanted to make this a positive post, focusing on how it is easy to make it work for you when you’re a freelancer.

When my firstborn came into the world, an amazing thing happened. I became a superwoman. I always suspected this was how it was from watching my mother, but it’s true. What actually happens is that time becomes such a rare luxury that it is really appreciated and not wasted. I can get three people ready in the morning in the time it used to take me to shower and my productivity levels are not comparable with pre-mum me. It is sometimes a question of adapt or die, but I’m still here, and still translating! I admit that I can’t pull all-nighters anymore, but rather than staying up and working until 2am, I will go to bed early and rise before 5am, while the house is still quiet and my brain is fresh. In the two hours before the rest of the brood wake up, I can do more work than I used to do in a day (it’s the best time for proofreading!). And in summer I get the bonus of enjoying the truly magical light of the new day, (pre-mum me only ever saw this phenomenon before bed, during the Erasmus era).

Here is an example of how my use of time has changed:

  • Two hours pre-mum: faffing on Facebook, answering an email or two, making tea, reading some articles (start real work after 2-3 hours).
  • Two hours now: tidy house, put wash on, answer all emails, do invoices, translate for 1 hour.



But on the subject of adapting, I do now prefer working in cafes and other spaces (something Claire will expand on here later), just to get away from all the chores calling out to me at home. And I don’t take the crazy big and urgent jobs I used to, just in case an unglamorous emergency comes up.

I also know couples where the dad loves working from home. Whichever way around (or even both, if the relationship can take it!), freelancing is a great way to implement flexible parenting, especially if, as in our case, this parenting takes place in an expensive city like London and far away from free babysitting grandparents.

Oh, and bilingual/trilingual kids. #translatorsdoitbetter


4 thoughts on “Combining motherhood with freelance work

  1. Aída Ramos says:


    I (very) recently became a mum myself and I’m becoming acquainted with a set of superpowers I never knew I had, lol! Juggling motherhood and freelancing is not easy, but I keep thinking how much harder it’d all be if I weren’t self-employed… Hats off to all those unsung heroines out there who press Send with one hand to meet a deadline while rocking their baby to sleep with the other!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. felicitypearce says:

    Hi Aída,
    Firstly, huge congratulations on your new arrival and your new superhuman abilities! It is such a crazy time, sometimes I think it is actually working that keeps me sane! I’ve just been learning from more experienced mothers that there must always be back-up plans for the back-up plans. And then emergency plans. I guess that’s the drawback with freelancing, you can’t just call in sick and catch up on sleep! But I agree that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
    Happy Mothers’ Day to all of us! 🙂


  3. Megan Winder (@ProvectusTrans) says:

    Hi Felicity!
    I’m now freelancing and hoping to start a family in the next couple of years. I imagined that it must be incredibly hard to fit in a full day’s work (or any at all) once you have babies rolling about the place, but I like the sounds of these super powers you’ve acquired! Gives me a little more optimism that I won’t have to give up my freelance business completely once we decide to start creating mini people!


    • Felicity Pearce says:

      Hi Megan,
      Good to hear from you! Hope freelancing is going well 🙂 I’m glad the post is making you optimistic about the huge change and challenge of becoming a mum! I’m sure you will do a great job at it all!


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